From Happy "Tracey's Family Music Academy" Families

Don’t take our word for it—hear what other happy Music Together® families have to say about Tracey's Family Music Academy music classes for kids!

The fun, inviting atmosphere that Miss Tracey fosters during her music classes are enjoyable for the whole family (not just kids!). We sing, we dance, we play instruments, and we just enjoy being a family.  It's a break from the busy work week and the exhausting nightly routine.  Even though my husband and I are not musical in any way, we have shared countless memories with our children during class that we never would have experienced without Miss Tracey's lead.  Our children started family music classes when they were six months and three years old and now that they are in first grade and third grade, their reading and math scores are off the charts.  We are confident that Miss Tracey and Music Together played an integral role in the literacy of our children.

Sherri Greenfield-Ludwig

We learned about Rhythm Kids when my extremely shy daughter was getting close to aging out of Music Together Mixed-Age Family Classes. It was a natural extension of our already fantastic experience.  My son also joined Rhythm Kids as soon as he was old enough.  As a kid with ADHD, we have seen his executive functioning improve.  He not only focuses better, but has better self control.  It has been amazing to see my children grow in their confidence as musicians and they love the classroom activities.  At home, even our youngest son joins in when we watch Mr. Tom's drumming tutorial videos.

Anna Parkinson

Our family's experience with "Miss Tracey" began with a free demonstration class for our newborn.  When our daughter was six months old, we started our first full session with Tracey, and the rest is history.  It has  been pure joy to watch the evolution of our daughter's love for music which began with that first class.  She has progressed from sitting enthralled by the activities in which Tracey engages her students, to fully participating in every song during class.  Out daughter is now three and a half years old and truly loves music, but her favorite music is still "Miss Tracey's Music!"

Shanna Liverett

Tracey is absolutely incredible. She not only is the kindest, warmest, most talented music teacher I’ve ever encountered, she genuine loves what she does. She excels across multiple age groups, and brings out the best in her students (and their parents). I cannot recommend her enough. My daughter took several years of classes with her, and she loved her time with Miss Tracey. 10/10 would recommend!

Emily Timmins

I started my 6 year old when she was 3 months old and all I can say is WOW!  Tracey not only teaches the children through songs, but she shows parents how to use the music in all situations at home or on the go.  Now having two children who have gone through the different semesters, we know these classes and experiences nourish the young minds in areas of language development, coordination, self awareness among many other areas.  This has been a great experience  for our family.

Rachael Meyers

Music Together is an amazing program and Tracey is THE BEST. My Daughter started class with her at 6 months old and is still going as a 5 year old.  It is the only class/activity she's asked to repeatedly sign up for!

Katy Holdread